Shed & holey hosta

Here are a few pictures of my small quite shady garden. At the back of the house, it measures 21ft by 17ft or 6.3m by 5.1m and faces West. I also have two narrow borders that run the length of the 2 garages that sandwich the front entrance to my house, and a very small sunny area outside the front gate that used to be hard standing for a car.

My main defense against slugs and snails is to grow plants they leave alone, so I have lots of roses, fuchsias, ferns, herbs, woodland plants, silver, furry and thick leaved plants and small shrubs, I also have a hardy palm tree (Chamaerops humilis).

Lilies & table

Anything at risk from being eaten, I grow in pots, like the lilies in the picture above and the hosta next to the shed.
I also have an area at the front of the house where there are fewer slugs and snails because there is less open soil for them to hide in, just two narrow borders:

Path from front door

Here are two more general views. The first shows my shady border with a big fatsia japonica and ferns, the second is the sunny side with roses, a palm and passion flower:

Shady side Sunny side

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