This method requires time & trouble to work well. Put out the bait in the evening & collect dead or alive in the morning. It has been suggested at least 1 trap per square meter, & carefully sited. The scent of the bait is greatly diluted outdoors & they may be ineffective. Best used winter & early spring:

  • Shallow glass, glazed or plastic dishes or tubs (see below), sunk to ½cm from the rim (to prevent beetles entering & drowning), filled with either: weak sugared beer, weak sugared milk, sugared water, brewers yeast & water or floating bran. Slugs & snails drown. A portion of slate or tile or plastic lid may be used to keep out rain. Or a twiggy stem may be added to open containers to help beetles climb out.
  • Half orange skin, grapefruit skin, raw hollowed potato or turnip, marrow or squash - hollow side down.
  • Large leaf of cabbage, lettuce, comfrey, rhubarb upside down. Can be many leaves surrounding a crop or piled in the centre of a plot before sowing or planting. New leaves needed every 4 to 5 days. Doesn't work when slugs are summer dormant (beginning of July in England).
  • Covered bran, wheatgerm or bonemeal.
  • Moistened woodshavings, damp straw or weed piles.
  • Half buried tin cans containing grated potato in a shady place.
  • Sacking, Plastic sheet or old carpet laid on the ground.
  • Board, slate or upturned empty tins or bottles. Water the ground before placing. This may even bring up keel slugs (ground dwellers).

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