Welcome to a home site developed to help you protect your crops and garden plants from the destructive habits of slugs and snails.

My garden (on the south coast of England) is under constant attack from slugs and snails.
They destroy seedlings from pots left on tables, on summer evenings they eat the bread crumbs left on the patio for the birds. I have even found them in my hanging baskets !

I was therefore very pleased to see a few months ago that my local gardening club had invited a speaker from Kingston Maurward College to give a talk entitled "101 ways to rid your garden of slugs and snails".

This site has been put together from the notes taken from that talk. I hope you find something here to inspire you.

  • Environment Find out where your garden molluscs love and hate to live.
  • Resistant plants Choose beautiful plants that leave your attackers indifferent
  • Barriers How to create a "no slug's" land.
  • Pesticides When all else fails, knock them dead (or at least off track).
  • Handpicking Get close up and personal.
  • Predators Call in some reinforcements
  • Baiting A trapper's guide.
  • Companion Planting Let Nature's arsenal drive them away.
  • Diary Putting theory into practice.
  • My Garden A tour of my little garden in Upton.
  • Links Links to other useful and informative sites.

  • If you have any comments, suggestions or tips please email Matthew haywardm@supanet.com

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